Friday, 8 March 2013

Glenmore (07/03/13)...

Spent most of the day down in the Cairngorm National Park today, more specifically Glenmore forest to carry out some survey plots required for college coursework. Wasn't the nicest of days to be out as it was fairly misty, wet and miserable but the day was brightened up on the way back to the minibus when 4 Crested Tit were spotted, my first of the year.

It's always nice to see Crested Tit as it just reminds of the Highlands and how lucky I am to live here. But, I also had some fantastic encounters with Crested Tit during my time in Finland. I visited a feeding station a few times at Ounasvaara Hill in Finland where I was able to see several Crested Tit just a couple metres away, they really weren't bothered by my presence. Below is one of my favourite photos I was able to get even though I was seriously losing light and the feeding station was under a large Norway Spruce tree meaning flash was required.

Crested Tit - Ounasvaara - 14/12/12
Year List Additions:
85. Crested Tit


As some of you might already be aware it has come to light recently that significant areas of the Cairngorms National Park are under threat from development (including a whole new town near to Aviemore) which would destroy parts of important habitats that are home to important species. A website has been created to raise awareness of the issue and to raise funds to help challenge these decisions legally. The campaign is called Safeguard The Cairngorms and the website can be visited by clicking HERE. If the Cairngorms National Park means anything to you please take some time to read and watch the video below. You can also follow the Twitter feed with updates HERE.

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