Sunday, 27 April 2014

More updates (27/04/14)....

I know, more updates! Blog has been quite boring of late it's turned into more a personal record for myself. Things are very busy at the moment with work and a new puppy so birding has taken a backfoot and it's only really what I see when I am out working.

Loads of Sand Martins now back at the Achnashellach colony. Quite a strange experience to drive through them as they are flying so close to the road, I'm surprised there aren't some dead on the road.

Weather here has felt like Summer for the last week and Spring has really taken off, with the migrants flooding in according to the Skye Birds website (great resource - check it out

Hearing the Cuckoo daily and finally caught a glimpse of it as it sat on top of a tree across the road. Hearing them all over the place through work also.

Although they have been back a week or so I saw my first Wheatear of the year just a couple days ago East of Lochcarron.

Tree Pipits are also back as I spotted one in display flight at Achnashellach.

Lochcarron and the surrounding area now full of Swallows too.

Pair of Osprey's also spotted back on the nesting platform near to the Grudie powerstation to the West of Garve.

Driving through Contin and then Conon Bridge I saw a Red Kite in both locations which is quite surprising considering recent events.

Year List Additions:
68. Wheatear
69. Osprey
70. Tree Pipit
71. Skylark

Sunday, 20 April 2014

More migrants (20/04)...

Absolutely stunning day again today in Lochcarron and the surrounding area. Feeling very like Summer as I spotted my first Swallow and heard my first Cuckoo of the year this evening from the house.

Year List Additions:
66. Swallow

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Nice surprise (19/04/14)....

A Barn Owl flew over the road tonight at about the height of the house which I wasn't expecting!

Year List Additions:
65. Barn Owl

Friday, 18 April 2014

Willow Warblers....

...have now arrived in Lochcarron and the surrounding area over the last couple days.

Year List Additions:
64. Willow Warbler

Friday, 11 April 2014

Sand Martin (11/04)...

First Sand Martins of the year seen at Achnashellach. Spotted 3 this morning.

Year List Additions:
61. Sand Martin

Monday, 7 April 2014

West Update (07/04/14)...

Been a few weeks since I posted here. Things are busy here with the new job and house so not much time at the moment. Some updates:

Black Grouse spotted in road side trees near to Achnasheen several times now with the highest count being 5. A good sign that they are spreading West again and there is plenty of good habitat along the Garve / Achnasheen / Lochcarron corridor with all the new planting schemes.

Lapwings displaying in fields near Achnasheen also.

First Chiffchaff heard from office last Friday (4th) with first heard from the house this morning (7th).

Pair of Golden Eagles seen regularly over the last few weeks as they occupy one of the Glens which I am currently working in from time to time.

Great view of a White-tailed Eagle today at Slattadale as it flew down from a large roadside Scots Pine over the van and down the hillside.

Had two excellent sightings of otters in the last couple weeks both within 100 feet.

Meadow Pipits displaying everywhere just now.

Ticked off a Munro just East of the house called Maol Chean Dearg - plenty of signs of Ptarmigan in the top 300m (poo / feathers / resting places).

Many tree species now flushing - eyes fixed on Larch spp. wherever I go at the moment for early signs of Phytopthora ramorum.

Dunnock singing in garden every morning just now with a Song Thrush joining it just across the road.

Pair of Siskins visiting the garden regularly.

No Sand Martins spotted at the small colony at Achnashellach yet but I'm sure they are on their way.

Spotted signs of what looks like Red Squirrel (stripped cones) near to Achmore last week which would be first confirmed evidence of Reds in the local area - some say the culprit is Wood Mouse, the debate continues.

Very disappointing news about Red Kites and Buzzards from back home in Conon Bridge area, I hope someone comes forward with information soon.

No Ospreys back near to Garve yet but watch this space.

Temperatures a lot milder but still very wet this week.

Spring / Summer is on its way.