Friday, 8 February 2013

Quick update (8th Feb)...

Just a few bits and pieces to update over the last week. Last weekend I heard a Tawny Owl calling from across the road around 11pm. I have heard Tawny Owl once before from that direction. There is no large trees in the immediate area so it would have been interesting to see where it was calling from.

On Wednesday (06/02) I went out the backdoor into the garden to be met by a male Pheasant in the middle of the lawn feeding on some of the spilled seed. I think we were both as shocked as each other. I did try and get a picture but someone walked past the garden and scared it off and it flew across the road to the farmland.

Today (08/02) I took a walk up into the hills behind Dingwall (The Heights) with my sister's dog. Still plenty of snow up there even if there is none at home. A flock of roughly 100 Linnet were flying around not far from the road in the rough grazing area. Further up the dog flushed out 2 Red Grouse and the walk back 2 Raven overhead. Some great views up there when it was clear, especially of Ben Wyvis.

Year List Additions:
61. Pheasant
62. Linnet
63. Red Grouse
64. Raven

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