Sunday, 24 February 2013

Bird Hide Shed (24/02)...

There has been plenty of Siskins in the garden over the last 3 days. Up to 16 at any one time in the garden which is much more than I have ever seen before which is usually at most about 5-6. I really wanted to try and get some photos of them that weren't from the upstairs window or through the downstairs window which always turn out rubbish. Then an idea struck me, which I am really surprised I hadn't thought of before, to use the shed as as my own bird hide. It is right next to the feeders and even has a window on the side facing it. I had the idea last night and decided to try it this morning and it was fairly productive.

The birds were a bit nervous to start with which I expected but the Siskins soon settled down and were not bothered at all and I managed to get some pictures. It wasn't the best light and at points it starting snowing but oh well it was fun to try and just to see them so close whilst sitting in relative comfort.

I was even rewarded with a guest that has been fairly regular the last few days but in general is not so commonly seen on bird feeders, the Treecreeper. There has been one (and I am assuming it's the same bird) that seems to turn up when the majority of the Siskins arrive and switches between creeping up the walls of the house and feeding on the peanuts and suet cakes. Was really nice to see this bird so close.

There were plenty different birds coming and going althought the Blue, Great and Coal Tits I kept finding difficult to get a decent picture of but finally managed some of the Blue Tit unfortunately not clear enough to read the ring on it's leg.

The Siskins are a feisty bunch, regularly arguing amongst themselves but also seeing off the larger Goldfinches whenever the come close although this once managed to land and grab a mouthful before being chased off.

Ground feeders proved difficult to get a photo of. In the case of the Blackbirds and Starlings they were just too nervous I think although they did seem to slowly relax a bit but never in the right position! Did manage a picture or two of Robin and Dunnock but with the camera pointing down and the busy background of the grass and seed the photos aren't great. Maybe I could set up some kind of strategically placed perch? It was fun though and I might try it again.

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