Saturday, 3 March 2012

Iceland re-visited...

A few weeks ago I had spotted an Iceland Gull at the local fish factory in Dingwall (see post here). When I saw it in the morning the light was poor and I had thought it had a dark iris thus making it a 1st-winter bird. At the time it didn't really matter too much to me, I was just glad I had the chance to see one of these birds locally during this "white winger" invasion. I saw the same bird later that day and managed to get some better pictures. A quick look at the pictures later on showed a pale iris but I didn't bother to confirm the age.

Recently I went back to the pictures and it was bugging me that I wasn't certain on the age of the bird. After some reading and asking around it's now clear that the bird is a 2nd-winter with the pale iris confirming this. Gulls - I am getting more and more into them, that a good or a bad thing?

Photo from the morning in poor light which led me to think
 it was a 1st-winter bird due to "dark" iris.
The following pictures show a clear 2nd-winter Iceland gull.

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