Sunday, 13 January 2013

Every little helps...

One of the highlights when I was in Finland was not only seeing Waxwings for the first time but the sheer number of them in and around the city. But, there is still something about seeing one at home in the UK, which until now I have not been able to do. There has been reports of small flocks hanging around the Insh junction in Inveress and between the two Tescos so I thought I would have a look on Sunday morning after staying at my girlfriends the night before. On the Saturday night we went out for dinner then went to the cinema after (Jack Reacher actually not a bad film). We got out of the cinema about a quater past midnight and my girlfriends Dad had asked us to get some chocolate and lucky that he did!

We drove around to the big Tescos which is 24 hour and my girlfriend went inside whilst I stayed in the car. My girlfriend on returned to the car opens the door and says "there is loads of Waxwings up there" to which I replied "WHAAAT". I hurried out of the car to the sound of the unmistakable trilling to see c200 Waxwing roosting up in the Tesco Extra sign right about the entrance!

Now we all need some help when looking for birds but in this case every little does help!

46. Waxwing

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