Monday, 2 April 2012

Back to snow...

After temperatures of around 20C recorded here for the last week and a bit, it finally ended and today at midday it was heavy rain and 6C. Since 8 o'clock this evening it has gotten even colder and is currently snowing quite heavily some of it even starting to settle.

Birds of note in the last couple days were 2 Oystercatchers flying over the house towards the Cromarty Firth yesterday and today I spotted a pair of Shelduck in the field across the road with good views of a Sparrowhawk flying over the house towards the farm at Corntown.

Great Tits have been checking out the nestbox over the gate more regularly and I finally spotted Blue Tits checking out the other box in the garden a few times.

Unfortunately the trip to Nortumberland has been delayed due to my girlfriend having an accident but she is ok and soldiering on and I hope she gets better soon! (She is my no1 follower of the blog). With this weather it might have been a blessing in disguise but we still might be able to make the trip next week.

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