Sunday, 26 February 2012

Feeling human again...

It's been a bit of a lost week really. Spent most of it ill in bed. It all started last Saturday (18th) when we had a decent amount of snow fall at the same time a house party. Drink and cold weather doesn't mix too well and I developed a pretty bad cold which lasted pretty much the whole week. Never had a throat so sore before. The snow didn't even last that long either and it's probably only the second decent amount of snow that had fallen the whole winter.

So not too much of note, still good numbers of Chaffinch in the garden. Numbers of Greenfinch have increased and its nice to here them "singing" again. Siskins and Goldfinch still hanging around. The snowdrops, croci and even the daffodils are all in flower now.

I did get out on Sunday (26th) for a nice walk. Very mild and very different than the previous weekend. I took a trip up to Loch Achility and Torachilty wood with my girlfriend. There were plenty of Blue, Coal, Great and Long-tailed Tit about but not much on the Loch itself, just a pair of mallard and a distant Goldeneye. 3-4 Buzzards and a Red Kite put in an appearance too. Walking back to the car I heard one of my favourite noises of the natural world from one of my favourite birds, the "gronking" calls of two Ravens circling over one of the nearby peaks, my first of the year. Nice to feel human again and get some proper fresh air.

Whilst out in the garden upon returning home a pair of Grey Heron flew over, a bird I haven't seen from the garden before.

I've been playing around with the blog a bit and I'm trying out a few different features such as additional pages. Let me know what you think if you have the time.

Have a good week everyone.

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