Thursday, 26 January 2012

Gulls again...

Finding myself becoming quite addicted to Gull watching and identification. Like a whole science of it's own at times but thoroughly enjoyable too. To add to the Glaucous that has been hanging around the fish factory in Dingwall Business park there has now been an Iceland Gull reported in the fields surrounding the business park and a Ring-billed Gull reported at the academy. With this in mind I decided to do some gull watching in Dingwall on Wednesday (Jan 25th).

The weather was overcast and miserable and I first popped into Tescos to buy a couple cheap loaves of bread and then headed around to the Academy just after the kids had finished their lunch for the gull fest. Hundreds of gulls flying around with the majority being Herring Gull. I tried very hard to see the Ring-billed but it wasn't to be. Feeling rather uncomfortable sitting with bins and camera outside a school I headed to the boating pond to see if I could entice some gulls across the road.

Within minutes the place was full of Herring and Black-headed Gulls on the pond all looking to get some of my bread. Unfortunately that was all that showed up but it was worth a try and I got some decent close ups of some which will help me with feather structure etc.

Black-headed Gull in flight.
Herring Gull
Herring Gull
Herring Gulls fighting over bread.
I left the boating pond and headed round to the Business Park to check out the fish factory and the surrounding area. Straight away I locked onto the Glaucous Gull on the fish factory roof. Unfortunately I could not get too close as there is some construction going on. I tried and hoped for an Iceland Gull but I couldn't see any (that's not to say there wasn't any!). I then drove down Docharty Brae to check the fields, again I couldn't see an Iceland but there was a group of 14 Whooper Swans which was nice to see.

Back at home in the garden the Long-Tailed Tit flock were present, 8 of them, and they are becoming quite regular now. I did notice that all 8 birds had been ringed, is this because they form small close flocks and all got caught in the nets together? Any comments welcome.

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